Take Back Your Power!

They say, “The truth will set you free.”

Sounds good, but there’s a big flaw in that sentence you just read. By changing just one word, it could be soooo much more accurate (and powerful).

Sadly our society has, in time, degraded our ability to think for ourselves and so very few of us actually question statements like that. I know I didn’t once upon a time, not that long ago. But then as I was preparing for a massive change in my life, I began to question everything – inside and out of me. So I do believe I can help here. A key question to ask in response to that statement is:

Who are ‘they’ and whose truth are ‘they’ referring to anyway?

First let’s deal with who they are:

Yeah, ‘they’ say a lot of things. Ha, ha – have you ever paid attention to when you hear or use that word? I bet you’ll start noticing it more now that I’ve brought it up! In my mind, it gives our power away. When I use that term, it’s as though I have no control…that I’m a victim whose fate is determined by some secret unknown entity.

I no longer use that term and I encourage you to rethink it for yourself. Rather than using the word ‘they’ why not replace it with any of the following: I, I think, I’d like, I want, I understand.

Now let’s deal with whose truth “they” are referring to:

“The truth will set you free.” What is THE truth? Is it theirs? Mine? His? Your parents? The people you work with? No. It’s yours. Really…your truth will set you free.

So what is your truth? What rings true for you? When’s the last time you sat down and put pen to paper around what you believe to be your core truths?

I remember when I went through Dr. Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective people and was challenged by an exercise that had us identify our own personal values and principles – the things that would help us stay the course regardless of what life threw at us. It was powerful.

I encourage you to carve out 30 minutes to do something like that for yourself. If you already have, why not pull it out and look at it again to see if it needs tweaking – or to see if you’re living by your truths? What can I say; I’m a geek for things like this.

Plus…it’s a really simple way of taking your power back and how is that a bad thing?!

Oh yeah baby…here’s to you, oh powerful one!


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