At Beyond X we love seeing change happen on a larger scale.


Earl and Sara are both seasoned speakers, and have spoken to corporations, niche groups, schools, and everyone in between. Below is a list of popular talks. Contact us for more information or for an alternative topic you want them to address.

Popular Topics


Who are you? Beyond your name, beyond your job title. For many people it’s a difficult question to answer, but one that demands consideration. Your identity affects every aspect of your life, whether or not you realize it. Learn how to construct your identity with intention, and then discover the power of owning who you really are


Confident, secure, authentic. These are descriptors we would likely all love to attribute to ourselves. They all require a foundation of strong, positive self-esteem. Believe it or not, this is just as much an issue for leaders, “beautiful” people, and the wealthy just as much as it is for “regular” folks. We are continually bombarded with negativity, and it takes specific tools and an intentional mindset to construct (and maintain) a positive image of Self.

Life Transitions

Marriage. Divorce. Moving. Switching careers. Aging. Transitions are inevitable, and navigating them can be painful and turbulent. Learn how to alter your mindset in the face of change—you don’t have to surrender your power to your circumstances.  


You can’t put your finger on it, but your relationships sometimes feel lacking. Maybe you feel like you’re more invested than the other person, or like they never really hear you. Discover the secret of balance in lasting relationships, and gain communication tools for taking current (and future) relationships deeper.


Do you consider yourself courageous? Would you stand up for your beliefs even if nobody else stood alongside you? Would you speak the truth even if it puts a target on your back? Would you risk your reputation in order to do what’s right? Discover what real courage looks like, and gain tools to help you tap into your courage when you’re faced with difficult situations and decisions.