Myth: Everyone communicates just like you do.


The truth is, there are four primary communication & behavioral styles, and learning to speak to people in their style will limit miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict.

Explore the ins-and-outs of each style and gain a solid understanding of how to address conflict with people of all types with our brand new eGuide: "That's Not What I Meant!" 

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Why waste any more time with unnecessary conflict and miscommunication?

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“Currently I have a manager who has said some inappropriate things during work outings and a few of us were struggling with how we could approach her without making it seem like we were attacking her. This ebook honestly just gave me the tools to go and finally have that conversation.”

-Alannah T.

“I am anxious to use this with close family members to better understand them and relate to them in ways that speak their language.”

-Penny B.

“This would be extremely beneficial in my place of work, or really anywhere.”

-Joshua L.

"I have done many assessments and this was the first one that was easy to understand, quick, and accurate... Other tools I have used in the past were complex, somewhat confusing, and took so long that I lost interest."

-Eric K.

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