Beyond X provides coaching to people looking to UpLevel.


Whether you're seeking stronger relationships, career advancement, or growth on a personal level, we have different coaching options to help you reach your desired outcome. Schedule a free consultation to determine which would best suit you.

Beyond X Intensive Precision Coaching

Intensive Precision Coaching are single coaching sessions targeted toward resolving a specific issue—maybe you’re trying to determine whether or not you’re in the right career, or perhaps you’re considering ending a long-term relationship. If it is a burning issue that needs immediate attention, IPC is the way to go. 

Beyond X 3-Month Private Coaching

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re making the kind of difference you want to make. Or maybe you’re single and you don’t understand why. Or perhaps you see patterns in your life that you want to break but don’t know how. If you recognize there is more in you that you’re having trouble tapping into, our 3-Month Private Coaching will draw it out so you can go beyond complacency and become your best self. We don’t just lead you through the change; we enable you to sustain it.