Beyond X is a response to the modern-day miscommunication epidemic.


We misinterpret, we feel confused or resentful, and then we repeat the same cycle over and over again. We don’t take time to confront issues, and then we feel like it’s too late to resolve them. We wonder if we’re being too passive or too aggressive, or too passive-aggressive. We wonder why others aren’t on the same page, and if it’s even possible to bridge the gaps with some people.


We’re here to tell you—Yes. It is.


Founder and Interim CEO

Having achieved success as an entrepreneur, mentor, strategist, coach, speaker, and visionary, I am a man of many, many experiences—from staring down the barrel of a gun to breaking bread with dignitaries. I’ve developed a sound understanding of how to make virtually any situation or obstacle work in my favor and propel me forward, and for decades I’ve been mentoring others on how to leverage, and even override, their circumstances. It all comes down to intention, and it is my passion to guide others in purposefully constructing all aspects of their lives. Achieving full greatness is only possible once that intention is mastered.


COO and Speaker

I absolutely adore connection. My zeal in this arena has inevitably translated into my work as an instructional designer, facilitator, and speaker. I’ve been redefining the corporate training experience and teaching communication strategies for Fortune 200 companies for the past 20 years. It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to—corporate professionals, non-profit leaders, or people simply looking to improve their skills and relationships—we all need help reconnecting to what’s most important to us and bridging gaps with people who are different than us. I love knowing that people walk out of my classes and workshops feeling more powerful in their strengths, confident in their purpose, and connected with those around them.

Upward movement is simply not possible without effective communication.

At the most basic level, that means:

1) communication that results in clarity rather than confusion

2) the ability to effectively resolve conflict

3) the ability to hear and understand people around you, even when they communicate in a different style than you

That way you won’t have the same argument with Aunt Mary at Thanksgiving every year.

At Beyond X, we are passionate about moving beyond the basic.


We stand for extreme clarity, resulting in extreme confidence; we stand for resolving conflict immediately, not a week, month, or year later once the water has boiled over; we stand for total alignment with people in your circles without beating your head against a wall.

We stand for you and Aunt Mary not simply understanding one another, but actually respecting and seeing value in the different perspectives you both bring to the table.

This approach is 100% necessary for people looking to take things up a notch and be their BEST self.

Sure, you might be able to live a content life without being a grade-A communicator and having more deeply connected relationships. However, contentment is just a form of stagnation, which is a slow death—and you have way too much potential to accept that.

We don’t settle, neither should you.

Let us help you UpLevel your confidence, communication, relationships, and most importantly the difference you make.