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Go Beyond Ten

We believe in designing your story with intention.


Move beyond your current state. Beyond what’s expected. Beyond comfort and complacency.

Beyond “good enough.”

That’s what we’re here for: to help you take control of your narrative, one sentence at a time. 


Our new eGuide is out!

Explore the four behavioral & communication styles, take our assessment to discover your style, and gain valuable communication tools as we walk you through the most effective strategies for each quadrant--complete with real life examples. Better yet, it comes in three editions: Workplace, Family & Friends, and Romantic. We've got all your bases covered. Click here to learn more and compare the editions side-by-side.


Reviews for "That's Not What I Meant: A Guide To Intentional Communication"

"Within 5 minutes I simply understood myself and other members of my team." 

-Eric K., Referee, Teacher, Newscaster 

“I definitely had “aha” moments especially when reading about my OWN style."

-Penny B., Retired Marketing Researcher

“These are skills that not everyone has, but could really benefit from!”

-Alannah T., Artist

“This is very insightful…the examples were excellent, I was able to relate to a number of them, if not all.”

-Joshua L., Teacher