At Beyond 10 we are passionate about working with companies that are hungry for their next level of success. 

We specialize in Intentional Communication, and here are 3 reasons that matters to you:

People, product & profit.

If you are achieving wild, unparalleled success in all three areas, then this is not the place for you. Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.


However, if you believe:

• In the power of your people, and you want employees that are true-blue on.

• That the heart of every sales and service interaction lies in genuine human on.

• That management without leadership is a recipe for a slow, painful, and expensive disaster, and you want to ensure your leaders have the right tools to engage their on.


Your beliefs are not unwarranted. Take a look at these stats that support what your gut is already telling you:

33% of employees cite poor communication as the biggest contributor to low morale

• Businesses that communicate most effectively are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover

33% of project failures result from ineffective communication

For business owners, HR managers, and anyone who wants to take pride in their company and see it prosper, those numbers are hard to ignore. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


The people that make up your company ARE your company.

They directly influence your product and profit, which means it's absolutely in your best interest to pour into your people, so they can pour into your company in return. Your success actually depends on it.

Our training programs will upLevel your team's internal AND external communication skills, and give you the tools to help you reach your next level of success. That means reaching your sales quotas, meeting project deadlines, and enhancing your company's reputation. We offer onsite and virtual training (which are explained further down the page), and cover a wide range of topics such as:

• Reframing Communication For Today's World

• Understanding Characteristics & Common Mistakes

• How To Read & Respond To Others

• Harnessing Your Power To Be Confident & Compelling

• Applying All Of This To Modern-Day Communication Tools & Platforms

Essentially, we catapult both employees and their companies forward by providing super interactive and powerfully reflective training that goes deeper than "standard" training, and brings them through an intentional process of discovery and growth.


The benefits YOU will experience from our Training

• Not just employee retention, but employee advocacy!

Having a loyal team that advocates for you is huge, and leads to employee retention, decreased attrition, and an improved company reputation.

• Not just increased sales & service, but authentic relationships!

Enhanced internal and external relationships lead to increased sales, fantastic customer service and satisfaction, client retention, and increased productivity.

• Not just effective managers, but intentional leadership!

Top-notch and intentional leadership is key to moving forward, and leads to excellent management, growth & expansion, increased sales, and achieving quotas.


We are not okay with delivering the same old content in the same old way.

In order for us to make a difference in this world (which we are intent on doing), we need to help you make a difference through your company (which we know you want to do). So yes, we have remarkable training that participants rave about, but we also have follow-up coaching that clients positively love because it takes what was learned and ensures that it is properly implemented. That way people don't leave their revelations behind in the classroom, and results are achieved and maintained

So...if you're intrigued about the possibilities that lie before you and want a partner who will work with you toward your goals, then it's time for you to reach out and say hello. We'd love to talk to you (Real interaction is our jam), but we understand you might be reluctant to pick up the phone. After all, there are a lot of vendors out there that just want to get you on the phone to talk you into a deal instead of talk to you as a person with unique needs. No worries, we totally get it and we've got you covered:

Contact us for a free (and timely) quote by clicking the button below. In your message please include:

1. The number of people on your team

2. Your preferred delivery method between onsite or virtual, or a combination thereof

3. How you'd like us to contact you

4. Any other information you feel is relevant 


That's it, we'll take it from there!

Delivery Methods

Onsite Training: Custom-Tailored

We recognize that you are a completely unique team made up of unique people. That's why we offer training custom-tailored to your company's environment and goals. This option has proven very popular due to our ability to align with your company's mission, language, sales model, processes, KPIs, etc.

Onsite Training: Off The Shelf

This is our standard training. We bring the energy, enthusiasm, and change-inducing material right to your door, but it's not customized to meet your company's specific lingo or KPIs; however, our exercises intentionally allow for collaborative discussion that can draw on company-specific elements. This option has proven very popular due to its highly interactive nature and exceptional efficacy in changing employee behavior. 

Virtual Training: Webinar Series

As an alternative to our onsite options, we offer our training as a webinar series. With slightly modified material for optimal web adaptation, this is an easy, convenient, and bite-sized option for those who don't want to invest in full-blown onsite training right now. Despite being virtual, this option is still highly interactive in nature and ensures strong engagement from participants.