Myth: Everyone understands everything you communicate.


The truth is, there are four primary communication & behavioral styles. The strongest companies are comprised of people who know how to relate to their teammates in their individual styles, as well as how to properly relate to their clients.

If you’ve been trained in something similar but it’s still not being effectively practiced, chances are the key elements were not boiled down and explained properly. We've taken the liberty of making it all as simple and easy-to-implement as possible.

Explore the ins-and-outs of each style and gain a solid understanding of how to address conflict with people of all types with our brand new eBook:

"That's Not What I Meant!"

Whether you want to improve team dynamics, increase sales or improve customer service, this simple DIY packet can get you there.

Why waste any more time with unnecessary conflict, miscommunication and lapse in productivity?

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Use a Group License to get your whole team on the same page.

We offer group licensing complete with a step-by-step Facilitator Guide to make sharing this as easy and effective as possible. Each group license comes with: 

• Electronic Style Assessment, eGuide, and Identification Chart

• Electronic Facilitator Guide and corresponding Powerpoint Presentation

• Electronic Communication Templates

A few major benefits of the Group License approach:

• This is the same content we use onsite for Fortune 200 Companies, but at a fraction of the cost

• It's remarkably easy to implement because you'll have everything you need at your fingertips

• You have total control over how and when you use this

• Your group license is valid for 2 years

Pricing varies depending on the number of employees. So contact us today and be sure to include the size of your team, and we'll send you a free quote.


Read how "That's Not What I Meant!" is helping people in the workplace

“Currently I have a manager who has said some inappropriate things during work outings and a few of us were struggling with how we could approach her without making it seem like we were attacking her. This ebook honestly just gave me the tools to go and finally have that conversation.”

-Alannah T.

"Great tools for everybody! I enjoy the real life scenarios section. That makes it more real for anyone trying to get a grasp of these techniques in the real world."

-Matthew K.

“This would be extremely beneficial in my place of work, or really anywhere.”

-Joshua L.

Why waste any more time with unnecessary conflict and miscommunication?

Download your copy today and start getting what you want out of the conversation.