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Go Beyond Ten

There are a lot of 'great' companies out there. Go beyond great.


Going beyond 'great' requires intention. It requires devotion to your purpose and to the people working alongside you. A cohesive and communicative team makes all the difference; that is what will take you from 'great' to 'exceptional.'


Take your team to the next level so your business can leave the biggest impact.



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Explore the four behavioral & communication styles, take our assessment to discover your style, and gain valuable communication tools as we walk you through the most effective strategies for each quadrant--complete with real life examples from the workplace. 


Reviews for "That's Not What I Meant: A Guide To Intentional Communication"

(Workplace Edition)

“These are skills that not everyone has, but could really benefit from!”

-Alannah T. 

“This is very insightful…the examples were excellent, I was able to relate to a number of them, if not all.”

- Joshua L.

"Great tool for everybody! I believe this framework would help create a common bond of understanding."

-Matthew K.